Al-Khawarizmi foundations “primary and Middle School Al-Khawarizmi

Development of Science and Technology today show rapid progress. Information technology has opened the bulkhead, bulkhead almost all regions of the world, India, Middle East, Europe, Palestine, or any other world region, Stay select Chennal television or computer mouse clicks, you can explore almost every niche of the universe and access almost everything.

We can not reject science and technology. But we should not get stuck in negative impacts. Therefore, if this day we still be following the consumer all the science and technology impact, we want our children to future generations of Muslims to come forward and change things; become producers of science and technology following the positive values (of thought, belief, and morality) that disertakannya. That generation Ulul Albab (Expert dhikr and experts think) that has been long-awaited birth of civilization to guide the world.

In this decade Yayasan Al-Khawawrizmi We are concentrating on improving the quality of education has developed an educational institution that is Islam Integrated Primary School and the benefits of competency-based learners and God willing, this year also we will lounching Integrated Islamic Secondary School will be the major contribution in education world

Distributes Donation terbangunya world civilization for the sake of your education through:

BanKaltim Account (BPD KALTIM Sharia) with Account number: 5101067769

Thank you for all your attention and contribution to the progress of Islamic civilization, we prepare the next generation Come together robbani

TOGETHER WE achievement and Islamic Akhlaq

Wassalamualaikum WR. WB.

CP: Munadi Arif (085247093383)

Sekretariatan Yayasan Al-Khwarizmi:

JL. Kesuma Nations (in front of Regents Hall Paser) Grogot, Kabuaten Paser KALTIM 76211th

Tel. (0543) 24493


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